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Michael Mair

About myself

I move people and they move companies.I have been successfully designing and coaching change and development processes for individuals and companies since 1992.


non-competitive cooperation

I often experience what it's like when people meet solely controlled by mind level. However true strength lies within non-competitive cooperation.


Be it!

Not feeling threatened by “being oneself", serves as a different basis for cooperation.


appreciated and valued

At the end of the day, we all intend to be seen and treated as humans. We would like to be appreciated and valued at heart.


We children

However, we are all offended kids within a bodily frame.


Michael Mair, MSc MAS

He has been working as a supervisor, coach and organizational developer in the profit and social profit area since 2005 and as an advisor in confluent education as well as in relationship and family issues since 1992.



Father of a child
+43 699 17 22 20 20


Individual coaching
Coaching for men


A free informal interview. Support in maintaining your relationship qualities. Preparing your innermost part for new fields of togetherness. Strengthening the internal perception of the intuitive voice inside. Development of new solutions in addition to the cognitive levels. Supervision on the way from feeling and knowledge to performing.

Team coaching


From capability to performance

Classic team development is an obsolescent model. Companies only release budgets if a measurably sustainable effect of associative development plans can be ensured.

I offer you team development that can be validated on the basis of an objective diagnosis of your team. The effectiveness of the measures becomes visible for you through increased performance, a better climate among each other and more job satisfaction. These are important aspects not only for the personnel department, as they also have a positive effect on the overall success of the company. Based on the talents and self-perception of the team members, we design individual development processes for your teams.

On the basis of self-esteem and personal responsibility, we develop line leading steps for better leadership performance for your managers.


The “Newly formed us”

The style of the "Newly formed us" is based on the assumption of managers who are personally without vanity, not easily offended and in contact with their intuitive voices and thus their activities on the same level  are worth being adopted by the employees. Opinions may be represented and serve the “big picture” - the "newly formed us". The complexity of group dynamics is perceptible, however mentally neither incomprehensible nor processible. Through the interventions during the team coaching, the individually and jointly analysed potentials can be transformed into competences.


Objective analysis as an efficient start for sustainable team development.
Self-responsibility as the basis for self-analysis is an efficient start for sustainable team development.

Individual coaching


Being in relationships is the main resource

Leadership is a strong relationship task that requires people who are in good terms with themselves. You will be in good terms with yourself if your emotions and intuition may be allocated again.


Relationship is the meeting place where the “self” meets the “you”.

Well balanced giving and taking are required for working relationships. They won`t be balanced if there are major injuries of old sores at heart. What does this mean? Especially if the surrounding pressure builds up, if things go faster, more bustling and more energetic. What does this mean for you in its entire context? How do you deal with this?

Relationship management concerns the managing director, the department heads, each team and each individual. Because everyone is only able to survive in the corresponding systems if they can perceive and maintain the corresponding relationships within them.


Raising awareness and tapping into attitudes

I support you in strengthening the following qualities: honesty, enthusiasm, commitment, curiosity, persistence, gratitude and clarity.

I will work with you raising awareness and tapping into the following attitudes: Self-esteem, self-fulfilment, self-confidence and confidence in others, being open for new things and other people, having your own life under control, responsibility, beneficial behaviour on an individual and social level, friendships, solid family life and last but not least a sense of humour which prevents us from negative emotions  and promotes the positive ones. If you orientate your performance in the way so that you treat yourself and your surroundings carefully the same way I am going to treat you, you will be pleased, you will be able to deal with your happiness well and will no longer need me.

Teamcoaching als effiziente Begleitung für nachhaltig wirkende Veränderungsprozesse.

Coaching for men


May you be “a man”?

Is it okay being “a man”?
When can you act like “a man”?
How much “man” are you allowed to be?
Oh, man……………….

It wasn't obvious, and everything gradually increased………………
... loss of meaning...
... loss of love for work....
... loss of love for people...
... both job related and personally....
... alienation....
... self-loss……………
.... resignation....


Where to?

I have tried to do my best by 150%, I have always adapted myself, kept my mouth shut, I have never been angry, never let myself be blamed for anything by my colleagues, and I have never made any jokes.

Which way do I have to take to get away from it?
I think it would be good for me to realise how I treat myself, how I am concerned with myself.
I believe that through this self-perception I also learn to communicate with myself, to enter into a relationship with myself.
Yes, this also applies to my self-awareness regarding health and nutrition.
The achieved self- conception and clarity of my relationship with myself will help me to develop a new quality of confidence in myself and others.

My actions would agree with my thoughts and feelings. I think thus I would come across more credibly and authentically  And I am convinced that I will be able to be a strong, healthy support within my working group again! Yes, I believe in this! And the more I feel inside myself, the more I am convinced that this is my way!

My way as a man both in my private and professional life - in a "Newly formed us"…



Consolidation of communication with myself.
Increase of
Self-perception, self-confidence and self-esteem.


Clarity in realizing and approaching to external and own limitations
Exceeding fortitude through enhanced authenticity


Safety in leadership
Confidence in being guided.


In this case, the journey is not the reward.
Being well received is important.


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Michael Mair, MSc MAS
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1020 Vienna

T: +43 699 1 722 20 20

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